What’s the B.A.D. Story?

I discovered clean eating after health problems forced me to eliminate grains, refined sugars and dairy. As a trained pastry chef and devoted snacker, anything I made had to taste great. Flavorless food with a cardboard texture was a no go. So, I started baking, trying recipes, playing with flavor and pairing great ingredients. Before I knew it, I was baking for friends across the town. So, I opened a bakery. I sold food that was better and delicious, or B.A.D. as I called it. 5 years later, the bakery has evolved into the B.A.D. Food Co. And now, I’m on a new journey, sharing the B.A.D.ness goodness with you.

Hope you enjoy.

Mission Possible

To vanquish the food masquerading as healthy and bake real food for real people.

To ensure nothing artificial or refined ever darkens our doors.

To be stubbornly dedicated to being better and delicious, guaranteeing that our food always makes you feel Heck Yeah!

Brand Values

We’re a plucky company. We never rest on our laurels. It is this spirit that drives us and keeps food lovers tracking us down.

We’re always experimenting. Flavors, ingredients, recipes, baking methods. It keeps us fresh. We boldly follow our noses, and taste buds.

Our food is joyful. We bake with cheer. We create flavors with gusto. We champion snacking, munching, grazing and snarfing.

We are thinkers, bakers, and foodies. We stay ahead of wellbeing trends and dietary research, banishing body bandits.

We treat our bodies and our planet with respect. We source sustainable ingredients and then we use every last morsel, minimizing waste.

Our food will always be better and delicious. Tremendous tongue tickling taste matched with nutrient dense warrior goodness.